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Eco-friendly Tourism is Responsible Tourism

One of the most satisfying aspects of our work is connecting people with nature, embracing & showing people a deeper understanding within Far North Queensland. Our tour practises are run with, not only the intention of giving you a once in a lifetime experience, but we are also committed to conserving FNQ’s habitat & cultural diversity… We all have an obligation to protect our planet, Barefoot Tours starts with itself, through carbon offsetting, awareness & education on tour  ❤

Independantly Owned & Passionately Operated

Barefoot Tours is Advanced Ecotourism Eco-Certified

Eco Tourism is Responsible Tourism

At Barefoot Tours we believe each one of us has a responsibility to look after our earth. We visit our beautiful backyard everyday & we have the privilege of sharing our backyard, with the whole world, we have an opportunity to help contribute to the reversal of our damage & to pass the message on to our guests through education, so they too can make more positive eco-conscious choices themselves whilst travelling…

We also like to help you, as a tourist, with this same task. If you are interested please follow this link for the  Top 10 Responsible Travel Tips by Ecotourism Australia. The choices we make in our lives impact our environment so tread lightly.

Barefoot Tours is Climate Action Certified

Climate Change

The choices we make in our lives, impact our earth… Some of the top contributors are frequent flying, frequent driving & having a meat-heavy diet. Some alternatives to these things is to consider travel by train where possible, take public transport, ride a bike or consider having a plant-based diet for a few days each week.

Barefoot not only encourages this but we like to walk the talk. Some of the ways we like to help minimise our impact on the environment include;

  • Being Carbon Neutral
  • Having a minimal footprint in nature and leaving each spot we visit in a better way than when we came
  • Through education
  • Using local produce on tours and supporting local communities
  • Using eco-friendly and recyclable materials wherever possible
  • Respecting the local flora and fauna
  • Using fuel efficient vehicles that meet environmental standards
  • Donating to important environmental schemes in the region
  • Reducing our Greenhouse emissions

Choose to offset your footprint, or to calculate it & reduce your impact… If you’d like to understand more about your Carbon Footprint in the world click here.

Barefoot Tours is Respect Our Culture Certified

Respect our Culture

Barefoot Tours is committed to protecting cultural authenticity & integrity by acknowledging the Indigenous peoples’ spiritual connection to the sites we visit. We are privileged to have permission to showcase these cultural sites to our guests. We honour our elders by respecting the cultural and living heritage within the communities & the sensitive areas in the region.

A portion of our profits each year goes into the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, which  translates books into local language & sends them to remote communities across Australia. Their purpose is to help make a difference by focusing on early literacy & first language skills.