Typical, rushed, overpriced tour, blah blah blah blah blah…

Nah… Bugger That!

Here at Barefoot Tours we know you don’t want to spend the day rushing between the waterfalls, with no time to really appreciate the beauty of nature around you – which is why our tours are all about relaxing and having you a beaut day out with no time restrictions!!

We are a relaxed outdoor adventure tour, about all nature, fun, beautiful swimming locations and we are always up for a good laugh! Our tours take a maximum of 20 people, allowing guests the best opportunity to make new friends and explore Australia in a safe environment. 

#1 Tour in Cairns 2010-2018 Trip Advisor


The Atherton Tablelands tour was awesome!

Our fantastic guide Dylan (who truly was barefoot the whole day btw) took us to 4 amazing sites where we could spend time, with a few other photo opt stops along the way.

He did an awesome job of getting everyone involved by keeping the conversation going during the drive and encouraging participation at the sites. It was great to see strangers mingling with one another and not sticking with the people they came with. For a solo traveler this was especially enjoyable and made the experience that much better.

The time schedule was flexible and Dylan allowed us to choose how long we wanted to stay at each location. If we wanted to chill we could chill and when we wanted to move on we could.

The meals were satisfying for the trip; plenty of food. I think this is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to let their hair down and try some pretty cool shit. Thanks Dylan!

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