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Welcome to Cairns


Welcome to the Barefoot Blog, and no I’m not wearing shoes. Barefoot has been touring the waterfalls of Far North Queensland for over a decade. We love nature and the outdoors and have prided ourselves on making it accessible, fun and informative. Due to the current conditions of travel around the world we have been unable to showcase the amazing places around the Cairns region. As disappointing as this might be for us it has opened opportunities to showcase the region via a new series of Blogs.

Welcome to Barefoot…

Having guided around Australia for the past 20 years I can say without doubt that the region around Cairns has the most staggering landscapes, waterfalls, rainforests, reef systems, flora and fauna throughout the world. If you are in any way enticed by nature or outdoor pursuits this region has a plethora of activities to keep you perplexed for as long as you can imagine.

In fact, if you were to venture an hour and half north, south, east or west of Cairns you would be able to occupy yourself for at least a year whilst doing something different every single day. Whether it’s just lazing back in beautiful swimming hole, a scenic drive, searching for wildlife, hiking, climbing mountains, mountain bike riding, kayaking or snorkelling, this is the place to be. If you have an avid interest in nature and are reasonably fit there is no limit to what you can do around here.

Some of the topics and places we shall meet include…

Our Day Tour:
• Josephine Falls
• Babinda Boulders
• Millaa Millaa Falls and waterfall circuit
• Lake Eacham
• The Giant Figs

Within Cairns:
• Crystal Casades
• Botanical Gardens
• Northern Beaches
• Stoney Creek, Douglas Track and Glacier Rock

• Port Douglas
• Ellis Beach
• Daintree River

Cape Tribulation:
• Mt Sorrow
• Boardwalks through Daintree National Park

• Mission Beach Day tour (bicton hill, lacies creek)
• Dunk Island
• The pyramid
• Behana Gorge

• Henrietta Creek (nandroya wallacha tchupala)
• My Bartle Frere and Windin Falls
• Granite Gorge
• Emerald creek
• Davies Creek
• Barron Falls
• Mountain biking in the Tablelands

• Fitzroy Island
• Franklin Islands

& The Great Barrier Reef.