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Atherton Tablelands Waterfalls Day Tour

The Best Outdoor Tour In Cairns

Barefoot's View:

We have a cheeky, slightly non-PC style of humour and enjoy some good banter… We carry decent coffee, cadbury hot choc, local tea and a hearty homestyle lunch! Having a flexible itinerary means you don’t have to spend the day rushing from one place to the next, sometimes we change it up, add stops or do the whole tour backwards just for shits and giggles.

Day Tour of Atherton Tablelands Waterfalls Cairns

Join us on our legendary Cairns tour – one that’s chill, fun and all about nature.

Leave Cairns on an adventure with Barefoot Tours, through World Heritage listed Rainforest, home to stunning waterfalls like Ellinjaa Falls, Josephine falls, Dinner falls and on towards some of the most beautiful locations in the Atherton Tablelands!

We’ll show you all the best things to do in the tropical oasis of the Atherton Tablelands, from taking a dip at some of Cairns most epic waterfalls (Millaa Millaa falls, Dinner falls, Elinjaa falls), to sliding down the natural rock slide at Josephine falls, to exploring the mystic curtain of roots set by a half a century old (Cathedral or) Curtain Fig tree, and Swimming in the volcanic crater lake known as Lake Eacham.

Snap the perfect picture from beneath the cascading Millaa Milla Falls, explore the sights with your new found friends, enjoy a tropical morning tea, a yummy picnic lunch and good ol’ Aussie Tim Tams!

Not a fan of water, don’t worry, there’s still plenty for you to see and do! If your lucky enough you may be able to spot some of Australia’s endemic wildlife in the Rainforest like the famous Cassowaries.

Rainy Days are generally more adventurous we see more, do more, really get into it and chase those waterfalls! 

 Sunny days we find people tend to take their time a little more, soak in the sun, relax!!

So, if you are ready to have your shoes blown away by Barefoot Tours then join up for a fun, stress-free day in the amazing Atherton Tablelands… Come and discover Australia’s unique landscapes with Barefoot Tours!!

#1 Tour in Cairns from 2010-2017

Wonderful high energy day

Even though we are senior citizens we thoroughly enjoyed our day with Bruce the Bus Driver and a van full of high energy young people. We went from swimming area to swimming area and enjoyed each as much as the first. Beautiful area of Australia with lots of natural water falls and fun things to do. Bruce's teas and lunches were great. Such an inexpensive but full of fun tour.

– Reviewed by SisuColorado, 28 Nov 2018, Trip Advisor
10 out of 10 for this tour company!

10 out of 10 for this tour company! Hubby and I had an excellent time with Brucey our tour guide, and our crew of tourists. The locations were beautiful and the swimming holes were amazing. One of the best things we have done in many years :)

– Recommended by Helen S, 12 Jan 2019, Facebook
Uncle Brucey appreciation post

We had the best day ever on this tour! Brucey the bus driver was hilarious the whole day ( and extremely informative about everything)! This tour is completely worth the money, we would’ve paid more for it for sure! Absolutely beautiful spots and amazing swimming! Very much a tour for the younger generation but they would make anyone feel welcome! Thanks again 😃 Scottish Girls

– Reviewed by hollzbellz96, 29 Nov 2018, Trip Advisor
I really liked this tour.

I really liked this tour. I thought Jason/Simon/Matthew/Quentin was a really friendly, involved tour guide who made everyone feel welcome. He made the waterfalls such fun and should be an inspiration to all guides. The tour was well run and, most importantly, fun. Would highly recommend!

– Reviewed by Jamie N, Dec 2018, Google Reviews
The Best Tour Guide We Have Ever Had

Matty was by far the best tour guide we have ever had, there were only about 10 people on our tour and he instantly made everyone feel like we were one big crazy family that had known each other our whole lives (in a good way!) He was both informative and funny and my girlfriend and I reckoned we could listen to his stories all day long! Keep up the great work guys!

– Reviewed by dazzieporp, 27 Nov 2018, Trip Advisor
This was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever done!!!

From the bear hug in the morning till the time we left the bus at night... it was full of laughs, fun and I met the most amazing people on my tour. Also shout out to the guide who came with me down Josephine falls. If you are looking for a way to see lots of places in one day, then this is truly a unique tour experience you have to try!!

– Reviewed by Karmai W, Dec 2018, Google Reviews
Tour was so good we got engaged on it

We had such a fantastic time on this tour. Matty was such a brilliant guide, he made the day so much fun. The tour was relaxed and a good sized small group. My fiancé proposed to me on a rock in front of Josephine falls and Matty captured it all on camera! Definitely a day to remember.

– Reviewed by silver_sky_5, 19 Nov 2018, Trip Advisor
The Atherton Tablelands tour was awesome!

Our fantastic guide Dylan (who truly was barefoot the whole day btw) took us to 4 amazing sites where we could spend time, with a few other photo opt stops along the way. He did an awesome job of getting everyone involved by keeping the conversation going during the drive and encouraging participation at the sites. It was great to see strangers mingling with one another and not sticking with the people they came with. For a solo traveler this was especially enjoyable and made the experience that much better. The time schedule was flexible and Dylan allowed us to choose how long we wanted to stay at each location. If we wanted to chill we could chill and when we wanted to move on we could. The meals were satisfying for the trip; plenty of food. I think this is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to let their hair down and try some pretty cool shit. Thanks Dylan!

– Recommended by Jamie T, 5 Jan 2019, Facebook

The main sights:

  • Lake Eacham & Fig tree
  • Dinner falls & The Crater
  • Millaa Millaa falls
  • Josephine falls
  • Lookouts up/down

The Occasional sights:

  • Malanda falls
  • Zillie & Ellinjaa falls
  • Henrietta creek
  • Wallicher falls
  • Tchupala falls
  • Babinda boulders


  • Transfers to/from your Cairns hotel/hostel
  • Morning Tea (fruits, cakes, & muffins)
  • Beautiful lookouts & awesome photo opportunities
  • Locally grown tea & plunger coffee (not that cheap instant crap)
  • Chance to spot rainforest wildlife (cassowaries, tree kangaroos)
  • Picnic lunch (fresh bread, salad items, meat & fruit platter)
  • Multiple swimming spots including waterfalls & a natural water slide
  • Afternoon tea (good ol’ Aussie Tim Tams, quick fruit stop)

We try to take photos to upload, however this is not a guarantee… Might be a tech issue, or our guides just f*** it up. Please do not rely on our camera (it’s free & sometimes a slow service). 

Barefoot Tours departs between 7-8am, returns around 6-7:30pm. Unfortunately, we are unable to transfer to/from the Northern beaches (too lazy sorry). If driving in, we suggest you select Cairns City Backpackers – 274 Draper St as your pickup location, you can park there all day for free. This tour welcomes those aged 10 years and older. No max age limit, but you do need to be fairly fit and healthy and ok on your feet (some of the tracks can be a little tricky otherwise).