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Millaa Millaa Waterfall, North Queensland

Nestled 90 minutes inland from Cairns, in the lush Atherton Tablelands, lies the charming town of Millaa Millaa. Surrounded by verdant rainforest, this Heritage-listed gem is internationally renowned, having graced TV ads, movies, documentaries, and music videos across the globe.

Millaa Millaa Falls takes center stage within the Atherton Tablelands waterfall circuit, forming part of the spectacular Millaa Millaa waterfall circuit. This circuit boasts several nearby waterfalls, including Ellinjaa Falls, Mungali Falls, Zillie Falls, and Pepina Falls.

When you venture into the Wet Tropics region to explore the Atherton Tablelands waterfalls from Cairns, you’ll encounter Mother Nature’s jaw-dropping wonders. Millaa Millaa Falls, with its 18-meter (60-foot) cascade over an impressive rock formation, is a sight to behold. Beneath the waterfall lies a tranquil plunge pool, ensconced by vibrant rainforest and a grassy picnic area. Swimming beneath the falls or standing behind the curtain of water is a favorite pastime for many Millaa Millaa Falls visitors.

For the fortunate few, spotting platypus in the creek, along with small turtles and fish, adds an extra layer of enchantment to the experience. Don’t forget to have your camera ready; this is a bucket list-worthy adventure!