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Josephine Falls Water Slide at Wooroonooran National Park 


Commencing on the southeast side of Queensland’s highest peak, Mount Bartle Frere.

Emerging as a gentle trickle from the Bartle Frere summit, the waters meander their way down, cascading over granite boulders. These tumbling waters form the picturesque Josephine Falls, a beloved site in Cairns, Australia.

In days of old, the traditional indigenous custodians, the Noongyanbudda Ngadjon-jii, resided in these lands surrounding Mount Bartle Frere. Their nomadic lifestyle mirrored the rhythm of the seasons, with women gathering and men hunting. Their ethos of taking only what was needed sustained the delicate balance of life.

Some parts of Josephine Falls hold sacred significance for the indigenous people and remain off-limits to the public.

Nestled in the World Heritage Wet Tropics Rainforest, Josephine Falls boasts breathtaking views, an abundance of plant species, diverse wildlife, and crystalline waters. It has earned accolades as one of the most enchanting waterfalls in Tropical North Queensland.

The Josephine Falls walk covers roughly 600 meters each way from the parking area. While the walking track is mostly flat, the terrain varies slightly. Wheelchair access is available for the upper viewing area. Visitors can explore three main viewing platforms, with the lower viewing area serving as the gateway to this freshwater swimming oasis in Cairns.