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to The Great Barrier Reef!

Cairns Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is home to millions of fishes & with just a short boat ride from Cairns you can experience the awe of the reef… This is an World Heritage Natural Wonder of the World… It’s been around since the previous ice age.

We always highly recommend a Reef Teach 2hr entertaining hilarious introductory chat on how you can make the most of your time on the reef, what to look out for, few really cool facts of the coral highrise apartment life & as well how to look after the reef when you go to visit.

There are many, many, different boats that visit the Great Barrier Reef, so we have picked a small handful that we have been out on and we think you will like…

We work with tour operators that support the Great Barrier Reef, strive for Eco-friendly excursions / Sustainable Tourism.

No matter where you book, please remember to consider choosing a boat operator that works for the benefit of the environment, one that protects & educates about the beauties of the reef.


  • Departures from Cairns
  • Day Boats
  • Island Tours
  • Pontoon Tours
  • Overnight Tours
  • Diving Courses
  • Upto 8 person Private Charter Tours
  • Educational Reef Teach

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My amazing friend/ex co-worker Scott Plume has taken most of the photos.
Check his website, Insta, or Facebook out – he’s a nature based photographer & a damm good one at that!