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Cairns Bungy Jump with AJ Hackett

Are you ready to take a leap of faith? AJ Hackett Cairns, has YOU hooked up.

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No Booking or Credit Card Fees
It only takes 2 minutes
Sunrise: Bungy
A$149 A$144
Standard Bungy
A$179 A$174

Are you ready to take a leap of faith? AJ Hackett Cairns, has YOU hooked up.

Wack on a helmet, grab a mate, and Jump off the platform, or the roof, diving down with a water touch bungy… Oh, don’t forget to check out the photo/video packages on the day, to brag about later.

Pluck up the courage, release your inner Champion and revel in the effects your body is getting from your Bungy Jump… confidence, energy and a eupharic pride… Knowing tht YOU have acheived the ultimate in personal challenges!

They took a little gravity, a splash of adrenanlin, a sprinkle of crazy and now they have the Ultimate Bungy Jump Menu. Whether your a nail-biting Virgin Jumper or a hardcore Adrenaline Junkie, there is a jump style just for you… Your style, your tune, your story.

AJ’s also host a wicked Aussie Sunday sesh from 1pm in amongst the World Heritage jungle promising a good atomsphere, live music, sunbeds to chill out on and a food truck to please the belly.

Our world class Jump Menu allows Bungy enthusiasts to Jump 16 different styles, from the classic swan dive to a running roof jump! Cairns is the only Bungy site in the world to offer this range of jumps, and over the past two decades customers from all corners of the globe have embraced the opportunity to jump. 

– AJ Hackett Cairns