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Half Day Horse Riding With Mount-N-Ride Adventures


Mount-N-Ride is a warm welcoming farm that takes people on scenic half day tours horse riding experience. It’s located in the Little Mulgrave River Valley, just 20mins south of Cairns City… This company has operated for over 15 years, is locally owned and loved dearly by its staff and guests! I heard that it is one of the best trail riding properties in Australia with healthy horses that are well fed and shine a beautiful coat of hair.



Hello! I am Amanda. I come from Finland and I study tourism. I am in Australia for 2 and half months working as an intern at Barefoot Tours. Today I had a really cool opportunity to spend my day with Mount-N-Ride Adventures.




Beginning my half day horse riding tour

My day started when the Mount-N-Ride bus picked me up from Gilligan’s. There were few other Asians in the bus, and I was the only western customer. We drove to the destination for about half an hour.

Arrival to the Farm

I arrived to a beautiful stable. An Asian woman welcomed us to the tour. There were few staff members who could speak Japanese. Most of the clients who visit Mount-N-Ride are from Japan or some other Asian country. The woman gave us a form where we had to tell for example our previous horse-riding experience. After that we watched a how-to video. It was nice, informative and simple video and I really could learn few things from it about horse-riding. I was in a horse club when I was younger, so this wasn’t my first time on a horse.

Getting ready for our horse ride

Then it was time to get ready for the thing what we came to do; horse-riding. The woman gave everyone a hair net and a helmet. We needed to wear the hair net because the helmets are used by everyone and that is a way to keep them clean. They also rented pants, shirts and boots for $3 in case you wanted to keep your own clothes clean. I was wearing shorts and a top which was not a good idea. Preferably you need to wear long pants and a shirt that covers your shoulders.

Meeting my Horse “river”

When everyone was ready to go, we got to our horses. Everyone had their own horse. My horses name was River and she was so sweet. She was dark brown and had the same colour in her hair. She behaved very well throughout the tour.

Leaving the stables

We started the tour with walking through the rainforest to the little Mulgrave river. I had the tour guide riding in front of me the whole time. The landscape was amazing. Hills surrounded this beautiful valley and green trees framed the area. If I remember correctly, my tour guide told me that they have 37 horses. They have plenty of space to roam free.

Horse Riding in Cairns

At first, I was having a little bit trouble controlling River. If I wanted her to go faster, I needed to kick her with my legs to her sides. I thought that I will hurt her but then my guide told that they can’t feel it if I don’t kick hard enough because they are so big animals. After that I got more comfortable with controlling River.

When we got to the river (the actual river, not my horse) I was in shock by the beauty of nature. The water was shining and flowing. The river was little flooded so when we got to the water, I was there up to my waist. It was a really cool experience to almost swim in the water with a horse. My guide’s horse was a little cranky and didn’t want to be in the water for a long time. When we got to the water, the guide’s horse almost dropped herin there.

After the river, we trotted to the upper land. Trotting was hard at first but then my guide told me a trick which helped me a lot. We walked and trotted in downhills and uphills. The length of the tour was just right. We could have been in the river for a little bit longer, but if the horse doesn’t want to be there, it is understandable.

When we headed back to the horses fencing, my guide asked if I wanted to feed molasses to River. I didn’t know what molasses is but apparently, it’s black sugar liquid and the horses love it. Here is a picture of me feeding molasses to River. The smell of it stayed in my hands for the rest of the day.

Feeding the horses in Cairns

After our horse ride

Then we had a little tea moment. They gave us cookies, cakes, coffee and tea. While we were drinking and eating them, we could look the photos that were taken of us on the tour. There was a photographer who walked next to us and took pictures. We couldn’t bring our own cameras on the tour because when you ride a horse, you need to focus on that. If people liked the photos, they could purchase their own pics for $35 per person.

End of our half day Cairns tour with Mount-N-Ride

After the morning tea, it was about 11.30am and it was time to head back to the city. I liked that this was a half day tour because after that I still had the whole day to spend. Mount-N-Ride also does morning, after lunch and sunset horse riding tours.

A huge thanks to Mount-N-Ride Adventures Cairns

I had an awesome day with Mount-N-Ride. It was definitely an experience that I will remember for a long time. The staff looked after us really well and I felt safe all the time. I suggest this tour for everyone who is adventurous and loves animals. There were also adorable dogs who were friendly and cute. They are waiting for you!


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Our half day horse riding tour is our most popular tour and is suitable for all ages and abilities. This tour is available in the morning, afternoon or sunset and takes a scenic route through our paddocks, rainforest and river and includes all that you’ll need for an unforgettable day.


Mount-N-Ride Adventures Contact details:


Email address: [email protected]

Phone: +61 (0)7 4056 5406


Pricing (current as of Sep 2019)

Adults: $140 AUD

Kids (4-12yrs): $110 AUD

Bookable direct here