Mission Beach

Our regular stops:

  • Babinda Boulders
  • Josephine Falls
  • Mission Beach
  • Dunk Island

The Mission Beach Circuit is designed for those in Cairns for a short amount of time but want to taste many different aspects Cairns is well known for … We visit the famous natural rock slide aka Josephine falls, Babinda Boulders, Snorkel of Dunk Island and enjoy some free time in the quaint town of Mission Beach. It’s also designed as a good starting point for those on the Whimit pass making their way down the East Coast.

With Barefoot Tours, your Mission Beach Tour from Cairns, you can expect each day to be customized based on the weather and yourselves, and of course your guide… this allows for each trip to be unique, tailored, relaxed and controlled by you… *The only things restricted is transfers to Dunk Island