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Heading: Atherton Tablelands

The Atherton Tablelands offer spectacular views, picturesque waterholes, farmlands, Aussie wildlife and plenty more.

With Barefoot Tours, your Atherton Tablelands Waterfalls Day Tour from Cairns, you can expect each day to be fully customized based on the weather and yourselves, and of course your guide… this allows for each trip to be unique, tailored, relaxed and controlled by you.

Eco-friendly Tourism is Responsible Tourism

One of the most satisfying aspects of our work is connecting people with nature, embracing & showing people a deeper understanding within Far North Queensland. Our tour practises are run with, not only the intention of giving you a once in a lifetime experience, but we are also committed to conserving FNQ’s habitat & cultural diversity… We all have an obligation to protect our planet, Barefoot Tours starts with itself, through carbon offsetting, awareness & education on tour  ❤