Western Australia

Steep point is famous for its fishing from the Zuytdorp cliffs and for being the most westerly point of Western Australia but there are also some great beaches here, snorkelling, diving and surfing.

Steep Point is about 200kms from the North West Coastal highway, getting there you would take the Denham Hamelin road turning off onto the Useless Loop road which takes you 110kms to the turnoff for steep point.

This track will take you across the salt pans where salt is mined and through the dunes to the rangers residence where you can pay your fees and get some information if needed.

After the ranger camp you will come to shelter bay which is nice beach camping, you can swim here and snorkel and fish too for tailor or whiting. Steep point cliffs fishing and camping area is further on down the track.


Steep.point, Scott Plume, Barefoot ToursSteep.point, Scott Plume, Barefoot ToursSteep.point, Scott Plume, Barefoot Tours


The best fishing here from the cliffs is during summer when large pelagic fish species are migrating through the area. You will often find people fishing with balloons to carry their baits out far from the cliffs to catch mackerel and sailfish.

Some keen fishermen even dive below the cliffs for crayfish or spearfish here although this is not advisable because of the huge waves and big sharks that patrol the cliffs.

Whilst walking on any of the cliffs in this area you might notice water high up on top of the cliffs far from the ocean below, this is because you get king waves here, huge rolling waves that can come up and over the 15m high cliffs. People have been washed from the cliffs by these waves and died so be wary of them, some fishermen choose to tie themselves to the cliffs when fishing so they don’t get washed over.

Thunder Bay - Steep.point, Scott Plume, Barefoot Tours

Further around from the cliffs is Thunder Bay a nice section of beautiful beaches full of sand and shells with rolling big waves that people sometimes surf. This is also a great place to camp, the beaches here are immaculate and postcard perfect.

Facilities: Camping, Toilets


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