Western Australia

Broome is one of Australian most laid back country towns. They’ve got beautiful beaches, a cool multicultural history and plenty to explore. Its no wonder lots of backpackers head up to Broome. Broome is normally the next big northern destination for a lot of travellers coming from either Karijini inland or Exmouth  on the coast but at over 900kms from Karijini and even further from Exmouth its a long drive. If you feel like you might want to break up the drive and visit some nice waterfalls and beaches check out my post on “Outback beach stations and Millstream national park”  to get the low down.

Most people end up heading straight down to the beach to cool of as soon as they arrive in Broome, those in the know might stop past the Matsos brewery to grab a few locally  brewed ginger beers on the way though. You can drive your car down on the northern end of the beach and find yourself a spot or walk down directly from the grassed area next to the car park. The beach is long and wide with big tides going in and out, sometimes there’s surf and if you like you can even take a sunset camel ride. This beach does occasionally close to the public because of crocodiles or jelly fish so keep that in mind if you see the signs, most of the year though there’s no worries and its a great place to swim.6. Broome, WA - Scott Plume, Barefoot Tours

There are several hostels to stay at in town if you want to meet other backpackers and make friends, the Kimberley Klub is usually a popular choice. A lot of people doing 4WD trips further north to Cape Leveque or up the Gibb River Road  will put notices up in the hostels and hang around town for a while looking for people to travel with. Divers Tavern is another great place to meet people, watch the footy and dance the night away, they often have live music too. Also while in Broome town check out the local markets, they are held in a really cool park with lots of nice and interesting food to try and cool local arts and crafts. A lot of people enjoy just chilling in Broome and after long days on the road this can be a great place to unwind.

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When your ready for some adventure again why not head up to Cape Leveque. This is a 4WD only adventure to explore some beautiful beaches and red earth, turquoise water scenery, theres also decent fishing  and mud crabbing up there. Cape Leveque is just over 200kms from Broome, down the Cape Leveque – Broome road which turns off from the Broome highway just outside of Broome. North of Broome it starts to be important to check whether or not roads are open, you can do this by visiting the Main Roads website or calling (phone number). In the wet season or if there is a big rain this road can turn very quickly to mud and you’ll end up driving sideways most of the way or getting overtaken by your boat trailer. Kooljaman camp ground next to the lighthouse is a good place to camp and explore some of the beaches from there. If your going fishing for Trevalley make sure you bring bait, the fish here wont touch a lure or plastic. The northern beach front is best for fishing and snorkelling around the rocky reef which becomes covered and exposed with the tides. Snorkelling you can expect to see some Trevalley, Cow rays  and reef fish. The western beach is where you can see some beautiful sunsets over the water, here the beach sand close to the water is white and not far back from there are the red dirt ridges and rock formations for which Cape Leveque is known for.

Facilities at Cape Leveque:

  • Camping
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Shop
  • Petrol


After your time in Broome you might want to head north to Derby. Derby is a nice Kimberley town and a good starting point for adventures like the Gibb River Road or to explore the Buccaneer Archipelago. This group of islands was made famous by the Horizontal Falls which you can see by seaplane and jet boat from Derby. The Horizontal Falls occur because of the huge tides out of Derby, some of the biggest in the world, which cause water to rush through narrow passages between islands creating a waterfall like effect. Also in derby you can visit the old prison tree, a giant Boab tree that was used as a jail, or try mud crabbing from the local jetty for some of the best and biggest mud crabs in the Kimberley.

Thanks again for reading guys, remember to check out the rest of the blog for other cool road trip ideas. This is not just for reading and dreaming though, make sure you get out there and see it all for yourself.