Outback Beach Stations & Millstream National Park

Western Australia

Western Australia is huge and driving distances are long, up north between the Pilbara (Karajini)  and the Kimberley (Broome) you’ve got the Great Sandy Desert inland on one side and miles of wild coastline on the other. If you leave Karajini through its northern exit past Hamersley gorge you could continue through Millstream national park. This park has some nice waterfalls such as Python Pool but what really makes the park beautiful is its scenery. Just the drive through the park takes you over colourful rocky ridges alongside rolling hills, some with green grasses, some with yellow. There are flat golden plains out of which steep red plateauing hills rise. Everything looks crisp and clean and naturally perfect.

Back along the coast a lot of the cattle stations have started offering camping facilities so that passers by can take advantage of their long uncrowded beachfronts and great fishing. There are plenty that do this, two of my favourites are Pardoo Station and Eighty Mile Beach. Both have great atmosphere and good fishing from the beach. The tides here are huge some going out for kilometres along flat beaches where you can walk out and beach comb. Some beaches have islands, some beautiful shells and some mangroves where you can look for mud crabs. At a lot of the stations you can drive along the beach for miles but always be wary of the tides. All in all one of these is not a bad place to stop and break up the drive.

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