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  • Great Barrier Reef Tours:

    Mission Beach Dive Centre runs Great Barrier Reef tours every second day departing at 8:30am or 9am.

    A mooring is a concrete block placed in the ocean at one of the many reef sites, the block has a line upto the surface with a floating bouy at the surface… A boat then drives up to the moorning line and ties the boat to usually 2-4 mooring lines.

    Boats that have moorings, mean they usually have a variety of choices the skipper makes, as to which mooring he will use at which location.

    People swim off the back of the boat, in a 90′ angle in the lifeguards view. This is in open ocean water, so it is recommended to have basic knowledge of swimming, for those that don’t it’s suggested to make the crew aware and they can provide floatation devices and some offer to take you with them, so you can see the reef.

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  • Island Tours:

    For those that prefer land than ocean, islands are a great option as they offer land, independance & more flexibility.

    From Mission Beach you have Dunk Island as a full day or half day option, or they run and island exploring tour every friday for 3 hours. You can also stay overnight at Bedarra Island for the ultimate luxury island escape.

    Whilst the islands surrounding Mission Beach are not considered as part of the “Great Barrier Reef”, they do have a fringing reef surrounding the island and you can choose to Snorkel.

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