My day at Frankland Islands with Frankland Reef Cruises

Hello, my name is Amanda and I come all the way from the cold Finland.

I am an intern at Barefoot Tours, and I had this opportunity to go visit Frankland Islands with Frankland Islands Reef Cruises. This company I went there with is the only company that does tours to Frankland Islands.

They are a family owned business and locally operated.

Lots of Options with Frankland Islands Reef Cruises

At Frankland Islands Reef Cruises, they want you to be able to customise your day to suit your interests. That’s why they have a fabulous range of optional activities. You can choose to do some, or none.

There’s an Adventure snorkel safari from the boat, Guided island walk, Semi-submersible or Glass bottom boat tour, Clear kayaks, Stand up paddle board and Sea-doo scooter. Many of the guests like to scuba dive with us and they offer the option of Certified Diving, or Introductory Dives with no experience necessary. All Frankland Islands dives are fully guided, ensuring you don’t miss any of the best bits of the Great Barrier Reef. Check their Prices for more information.

An underwater photographer is also onboard daily, to capture your special moments on the Great Barrier Reef. All photos are for sale at the end of the day.

Before my tour I didn’t have that much expectations what the following day would bring. I had looked their website and read some of the reviews. Almost all the reviews were positive, and 5 stars rated.

My day started from Gilligan’s. I was waiting for the bus and suddenly a heavy rain began to pour from the sky. I couldn’t help thinking that now my day is ruined. I still tried to keep myself happy and think that I’m not going to let the rain ruin my awesome day.

The bus finally came, and the staff welcomed me on board. In the bus there were two Asian guides and the driver. The bus was full of middle-aged Asian people. Me and few other guys were the only younger customers.

The bus was nice, fresh and cool (the temperature). I had to pay the reef levy in the bus, and it was $25. After that I was given a mini iPad. I needed to fill that with my information. The iPad was easy to use, and the program was designed nicely. While we were heading to the boat, the bus driver told us something about the sugarcanes what we could see from the window.

We got to the boat. The boat was nice, and I liked the colors there. Everyone had enough room and the boat wasn’t too crowded.  First there was a short introduction about how the day is going to proceed. They told the information first in English and then in Chinese (I guess it was Chinese). After the info, everyone who wanted to snorkel had to go and take the snorkeling equipment. The snorkeling equipment included a mask, the snorkel pipe, flippers and a wetsuit.

Morning Tea was served. The atmosphere in the boat was relaxed and comfortable. I noticed that everyone was excited about the day. When I went to braid my hair to the bathroom, I got a little seasick. Luckily that passed away quickly. There was medicine in the boat for seasick people, but I thought that I can survive the trip without them.

When we got closer to the Island, everyone had to put on the wetsuit. There is still a chance to get stung by a stinger at this time of the year in the ocean and Frankland Islands Reef Cruises didn’t want to take any risks with customers health.

We arrived at the destination. The water was so clear and the whole Island looked amazing. The staff directed us to a weather shelter. There were tables and chairs where we could leave our stuff. After that we went straight to the water and started to snorkel. There was also a chance to scuba dive for a fee, and the briefing for that was in the boat.  Those who couldn’t swim so well, were given a floating vest and a floating frame that they could hang on to.

First, I was a bit scared of the fish and the new environment, but this super nice diving instructor helped me with my “fears” and before I knew I was swimming and being surrounded by many fish.

Then we got to another smaller boat that took us a little further from the shore. That was called “the Snorkeling Safari”. I had no idea what was happening, but I just got to the boat and when we jumped to the water, I was amazed. The views were so magnificent that I wanted to stay and look at the coral’s the whole day. It was so wonderful to kind of be a part of the sea.


The tour doesn’t include a photographer, but if you ask from the staff, they will take a picture of you underwater! The same instructor that I mentioned was an underwater photographer, but they don’t advertise that. I had a waterproof camera, so I got amazing pictures. Here are few pics because a picture tells more than 1000 words.


We had a lot of time to snorkel and I never felt rushed. After everyone had came to the shore, it was time to eat. The food was so good. They served chicken, cream potatoes, different salads, pasta, bread, fruit and sauces. I was really impressed about the quality of the food.

After lunch, everyone could decide what they want to do for the remaining time. Some people went back to snorkel and scuba dive and some people wanted to see more of the Island and went for a walk. There was also a guided walk which was an optional extra. You could also rent Clear kayaks and Stand up paddle boards as well as Sea-doo scooters.

I went for a walk by myself and it was interesting to see how different nature can be in different places. After the walk it was almost time to head back to the boat. The amount of time that we spent at the Islands was just perfect. I had time to do everything and see everything that I wanted to see.


We went back to the boat. On the way back I talked to an elder couple and they told me that they had been snorkeling at the Outer Great Barrier Reef and they preferred this day so much more.

It was a little bit cold at the boat even I had a hoodie with me. So, if you go to Frankland Islands at a rainy day, be prepared with warm clothes. We had Afternoon Tea while heading back to the bus. A hot drink was very welcomed in that point of the day. While sipping my drink I looked around and almost everyone was sleeping. A whole day in the water can be really tiring but that’s only because everyone had so much fun!

I had an amazing day with Frankland Islands Reef Cruises and I’m thankful that I could do this tour. Looking back at my day, I would say that the target group for this company is middle-aged Asians, but I would recommend this tour for everyone with any nationality. It’s also suitable for families. This really is an experience that you should get!