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  • Mossman Gorge Visitor Centre:

    With the development of the Mossman Gorge Centre, a World Heritage listed rainforest environment is protected and Indigenous jobs and training opportunities have been created as part of the world class eco-tourism visitor and interpretive centre at the entrance to the iconic Mossman Gorge north of Cairns.

    The Mossman Gorge Centre is the central hub for all things Mossman Gorge and is staffed by local residents with a breath of knowledge on the area. At the Centre you will find an official welcome area, a contemporary café, art gallery, gift shop and tour desk.

    Check out their website for more info!

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  • Daintree River:

    To get to Cape Tribulation you need to take a ferry accross the Daintree river, as there is not any bridges accross the river.

    Some people who do self drives may want to consider taking a crocodile cruise or wildlife spotting boat cruise which lasts approx. 1 hour.

    For those doing a full day or 2 day tour, most likely it will be included in the tour but just check the company you have gone through to double check 🙂

    There are quite a few different crocodile cruise companies and it is easy enough to book on arrival, although we highly reccomend booking in advance especially during the busy season, as you don’t want to miss out!

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  • Overnight Tours:

    Majority of the overnight tours to Cape Tribulation are fairly independant tours… For this reason majority suit families quite well, a bunch of friends travelling together, as there is no worrying about driving yourself or getting lost or organising the wrong stuff…

    Cape Trib Connections is a great example of this. Their tours are like 2x day tours joined together and 1x paid nights accommodation in one of the main four accommodation places in Cape Trib. Cape Trib Connections offer a variety of choices to suit a range of budgets and a variety of people.

    Other companies like Uncle Brians suit more of a under 30’s market, that are after a more guided style, as they have a guide stay overnight at PK’s lodge in Cape Tribulation with the group.

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  • Full Day Tours:

    We are a huge fan of day tours (not just cause we operate one) but also when you are on holiday, the last thing you want to be stressing about is driving in a foriegn country, with road rules you don’t understand and trying to find your way around.

    The Daintree / Cape Tribulation offers very little (if any) cell reception and it’s 2hours 45mins North of Cairns.

    Full day tours are great for solo travellers, couples, friends and older teenage families as it is easy to mingle with like minded travellers and to explore and discover the World Heritage beauties with great company. Guides provide some key information and knowledge that can help put the place into perspective for you too.

    We are big fans that the destination cansell itself, but a guide can go above and beyond, what you were ever expecting, taking your journey to a whole other level… and that’s what we love about day tours. So check out the tours we offer below.

  • Chevron down Self drive tours
  • Self drive tours:

    Self drive tours to Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Rainforest suit domestic travellers more so, that are already familar with the roads or Australian rules.

    We are also a huge fan of them for those travelling as a young family, as you can go at your own pace, stop at your own pace, no worries about your daughter singing her heart out to Ariana Grande for 2 hours straight… and when you are ready to go home, you can go home.

    The main things people like to see and do in the Daintree are as follows:

    • Wildlife Boat Cruise on the Daintree
    • Mossman Gorge walk
    • Check out the Aboriginal Artwork in Mossman Gorge town
    • Take your car accross the ferry to Cape Tribulation beach
    • Stay overnight in the Daintree
    • Do a half day Jet boat tour to the reef from Cape Trib
    • Jungle Ziplining through the Daintree

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