Discover the best parts of the Cairns Region, awesome day and overnight tours, where to stay, must do things whilst in Cairns and the must see destinations whilst you’re there!

My style trip:

Length: 5 days +
Trans: mixed self drive & tours
People: 2 or more
Budget pp: $600AUD
Accom: budget
Fitness: 4-8 out of 10 

Locations I talk about

  • Cairns City
  • The Great Barrier Reef
  • Cape Tribulation
  • Mission Beach
  • Atherton
  • Tablelands
  • Daintree
  • Port Douglas
  • Northern Beaches
  • and plenty more!

Chances are you’ll end up either flying into Cairns from overseas to start your adventure or your Aussie Adventure will end with Cairns. Cairns city area is a great place to base yourself to start with, get organized, get your crew together, and plan your trip. Where you go next is up to you, there’s a lot to consider such as time, budget and interests…

On the up side for living in the tropics we can swim nearly all year round, on the down side there is honestly no point in trying to do your hair or make up and have a nice fancy night out because make up just sweats off after a while (so opt for a natural glam ladies). It does rain for about 1 third of the year, so you also should be prepared to accept the weather Cairns delivers for the time of year you visit. A few days of rain and Cairns becomes this vibrant lush green city with plants and trees blooming from the rain.

Most tour companies like ourselves have adjusted the tour to make it suitable for rain or shine, I personally have more fun in the rain but each to their own. When it does rain though in my opinion it is much better to a tour on these days as opposed to your own self drive itinerary or your own exploring and my main reason for this is safety, nothing beats the knowledge and safety of having a local guide with you to ensure you are well within your safety limits… They know the area, the roads, the swimming holes, a lot of things, are trained for the weather and most staff are trained for first aid or rescue too.

For me it’s very important to be traveling with the right people, there is many chances in Cairns to meet people on other tours, in the hostel noticeboards, at the Esplanade free active activities, participating in some of the many comps held by clubs, or on a good ol’ fashioned pub crawl!

Good luck guys, now you can check out the rest of the blog to find out more. If would like to share some of your experiences with us or want us to focus on anything in particular then please leave a comment below.

Happy exploring peeps! Welcome to the land down under!!

 Helloooo future travellers (US it’s travelers – with one “l”)!!

Welcome to the Cairns Region of Australia… One of my favorite places so far, and yes this is probably biased as we live here but we are both so passionate about the area and we absolutely LOVE showing Cairns off to the world. 

My name is Chelsea, I am the one in the background, whilst my partner Farley is pulling the stupid face at the front ;-P 

Out of all the places I have lived within Aussie, I have never come across such a wide variety all within a few hours or so from the City. We have the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree Rainforest, Atherton Tablelands, Kuranda Mountain Village, hilltops to climb, creeks to camp alongside, endless amounts of waterholes, waterfalls, and I cannot forget the absolutely gorgeous Mission Beach. 

 Now if you have time to spare, you could seriously spend a week here and walk away feeling like you have only scratched the surface. 

If excitement hasn’t taken over and you’re still reading I’ve put some helpful advice down below to help you prepare for your Cairns Adventure. 

Chels & Farley in Atherton Tablelands