Cairns, Far North Queensland

Active Along the Esplanade

Yayyyyy who said you need to spend money to have fun…? How about this one…. “The best things in life are free”.

Yup here we are in Tropical Far North Queensland, in the beautiful Cairns Region with a bunch of free things to do along the Esplanade.

Myself, I have done the Zumba class, and the beach volleyball classes in the past it’s great for getting out and about, and believe it or not there are many who turn up to these things by themselves so there is no need to feel nervous if you are alone. Many different people go to the fitness activities from backpackers, to locals, from young to our elders – getting out and about in Cairns is a fast easy and fun way to meet new people, gather some handy must see travel spots and maybe even someone to go with! Oh of course I forgot to mention it is good for your fitness too! 


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(other free things to do) :

Volleyball courts: Conducted by generally just one person (sometimes two) they volunteer their time for a bunch of randoms, our leader (for volleyball) was really good at splitting everybody up to mingle with people you hadn’t met before, there were quite a lot of people that turned up (around say 24-30) we were in a group of 8 and myself being the only ” 1/2 true” local of our group of friends. We were very fastly split up and this was a blessing in disguise as we all got to meet some other really cool people and we all went out for pizza and a drinkafterwards (so much for the fitness). The class lasted for almost an hour, our leader pretty much spread herself evenly among us all providing us solutions to each of our weaknesses or things to focus on.

For me it feels really good to turn the technology off for just a little while, and embrace the presence with your friends/new found friends or even temp friends whilst on the volley court. We practised how to hit the ball properly first before a few games took place, some of us watched and chatted and some of us (a little more competitive) got out there and gave it a really good crack! I think numbers for this is really a bit of a hit or miss thing, it was slightly spitting when we did it and we still had good numbers considering. Some of those who joined seemed like they did it quite regularly as they got straight into a game after their hello’s to everybody.

This was probably my second time playing volleyball since high school – it’s free, we picked up a couple of really cool people and learnt a few new things. So not too much to really complain about. Nothing to lose so give it a go!!’

Zumba: Look it takes me a fair bit of convincing to do some of these things sometimes… Oh but you can never go wrong with this one!! We went to this for a laugh and a dance and oh my gosh it is sooo much fun. Adrenaline pumping, motivation, excited makes me super pumped to do all the classes, and I want to achieve it all!

Bouldering: Whilst I haven’t done the bouldering on the Esplanade the guy who runs the bouldering classes Pete, he also offers rock climbing near the Barron river, where you have fantastic views of the gorge, the river and the hill tops. He takes a maximum of 4 people per group and it lasts for around 4-5hrs. The Bouldering on the Esplanade is a free activity, however Topknot is a paid activity departing Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. You can check Topknot’s website out here.

There is lots of things to do on the Esplanade, it’s one of the main places to be when you have a free day in Cairns. Swim at the Lagoon, Barbecue with mates, run down the Esplanade, Tan on the grass, weekend music, weekend markets, free fitness on the esplanade and so much more, we recommend checking their Facebook page here.

Stop being a wimp and go check it out – is what I would tell my pre-self prior to doing these things.

Please find the time table below – and check em’ out!

Cheers, Chelsea @ Barefoot Tours

DOWNLOAD: Active-Living-Timetable & Map

Seniors Steady Steps
Bouldering - Intro to Rock Climbing
Fitness Playground - Green Gym Circuit
9:30 am
5 pm
5:30 pm
Fogarty Park
Bouldering Park
Lagoon Cafe
Zumba Fitness
Beach Volleyball
6:30 am
5:30 pm
5:30 pm 
Lagoon Deck
Fogarty Park
Volleyball Courts
Chi Gong and Flow Yoga - Yoga and Tai Chi 
Aqua Zumba
6:30 am
5:30 pm 
Fogarty Park
Box Fit
6:30 am 
Fogarty Park
Beast Mode - Dynamic Strength Training 
5:30 pm 
Lagoon Cafe
Sahaja Yoga Meditation
H.I.I.T - Interval Training
Aqua Aerobics
7:30 am
8 am
 9 am
Lagoon Lawn
Lagoon Cafe

At the pub (jokes)