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We want our Barefoot Blog to inspire travellers with sound travel advice on the best-value-for-money, Adventure tours and hotels within Australia.

The content we produce on our Barefoot Blog is about the MUST SEE Australian destinations, what makes our must see Aussie destinations so special, the best places to stay, the best adventure tours to do, great quality self-guided travel itineraries, and packages for the East Coast of Australia up to the beautiful Cairns in Far North Queensland.

Our Barefoot Blog provides you with the confidence and comfort to plan your Ultimate Australian Adventure, opportunities to create memories and make friends that last a lifetime.

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Recent Blog Posts - General Australia

The Great Wheelbarrow Race

This morning I found about The Wheelbarrow Race for the first time. Usually people use the wheelbarrow with gardening or carrying something from place to place but now it’s different. People race with it. Basically, The Wheelbarrow Race is people running and pushing the wheelbarrow, but of course there must be a background story. Fundraising…

Mount Hypipamee, The Crater & Dinner Falls

The Crater and Dinner Falls location in the Atherton Tablelands on Barefoot Tours

Part of the formation of Far North Queensland and the Atherton tablelands was due to volcanic activity. It is thought there were as many as 15 active volcanoes throughout the region from as early as 200 million to 10 million years ago. The lava and basalt from these eruptions helped form the tablelands the way…

Henrietta Creek, Wooroonooran National Park

a large waterfall over some water

Photo credit: Hooray for Henrietta. The area around this campground is the gateway to the Misty Mountains and other brilliant hiking destinations in Wooroonooran National Park. There are short walks to some amazing waterfalls, great lookouts and longer hikes to tantalize the senses of the more determined bush walker. You can also connect a…

Tree Kangaroos really do exist!!


Photo Credit: People come to Australia and Far North Queensland for numerous pleasures, but one of the most common requests we get on tour is to see some of the different wild life this country has to offer. This country is notorious for having some of the strangest wildlife in the world. We are…

Hiking in the Wet Tropics

a man standing on a rocky hill

Photo credit: Having lived and guided in Far North Queensland during the last 15 years I am still yet to complete my hiking bucket list of the region. As a tour guide in the Wet Tropics, a love of nature is essential and one of the most amazing ways to really get in touch…

Far North Queensland, the Superlative Wet Tropics & Heritage Listing – Series 1.4 Stepping back in time

a wooden bench in front of a building

Welcome to the final of our series of articles about the World Heritage Listing of the Wet Tropics… Walking into the Wet Tropics is like taking a step back in time. We have talked about the ancient flora, prehistoric reptiles and the endangered cassowary, but this only scratches the tip of the iceberg. Each time…

Far North Queensland, the Superlative Wet Tropics & Heritage Listing – Series 1.3 Biological Evolution

UNESCO Barefoot Tours Fig Tree

Welcome to the third of our series of articles about the World Heritage Listing of the Wet Tropics. The Wet Tropics is not only inscribed by UNESCO for its superlative natural beauty and its wide variety of endangered species but it also displays much about the history of the natural world.  This is where we…

Far North Queensland, the Superlative Wet Tropics & Heritage Listing – Series 1.2 Endangered

a close up of a sign

Welcome to the second of our series of articles about the World Heritage Listing of the Wet Tropics. We have already discussed about the natural beauty of the region, and it is amazing. But this is only a fraction of the importance of the region and it’s universal value. Throughout it’s huge array of diversity…

Far North Queensland, the Superlative Wet Tropics & Heritage Listing – Series 1.1 Beauty

a wooden bench sitting next to a fence

The Wet Tropics was inscribed as a World Heritage listed area in 1988. It begins just north of Townsville and runs 450km north to Cooktown and includes an amazing array of natural wonders throughout 31 national parks. We visit many of them through Barefoot Tours and this series of articles will help outline some of…

The Peculiar Platypus is no stranger to the Wet Tropics…


Photo Credit: One of the most peculiar and definitely the strangest of animals found in the Wet Tropics would easily have to be the platypus. From its first discovery there has been much controversy surrounding them, for they are a venomous mammal that lays eggs, has a duck bill, the tail of a beaver,…

Places you don’t want to miss on your day to the Atherton Tablelands from Cairns

Our green bus at Millaa Millaa falls

Located at an hour’s drive to south-west of Cairns, in Tropical North Queensland, lies the cooler-climate of The Atherton Tablelands that accents of a wide variety of landscapes and attractions. A region that changes from agricultural land, to scrub forest, to ancient rainforests, it is definitely a natural wonder which is worth exploring. Everything from…

30 Iconic Aussie Animals for the Bucket List

Blog - 30 Iconic Aussie Animals for the Bucket List.

Here in Australia we have lot’s of different animals that are special to us… However we do eat our coat of arms, both the Kangaroo and the Emu. Here is the Australian Coat of Arms (Yum! – Just kidding) Growing up in all through Primary school every year we would pick an “Aussie” animal and…