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We want our Barefoot Blog to inspire travellers with sound travel advice on the best-value-for-money, Adventure tours and hotels within Australia.

The content we produce on our Barefoot Blog is about the MUST SEE Australian destinations, what makes our must see Aussie destinations so special, the best places to stay, the best adventure tours to do, great quality self-guided travel itineraries, and packages for the East Coast of Australia up to the beautiful Cairns in Far North Queensland.

Our Barefoot Blog provides you with the confidence and comfort to plan your Ultimate Australian Adventure, opportunities to create memories and make friends that last a lifetime.

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Good quality travel spots, great value for money destinations, travel like a local #thebarefootway. Best (and free) travel advice within Australia… Your Australian trip doesn’t have to cost you an arm, and a leg.

**In case you were also wondering who took these amazing photos, it is one of our very good friends Scott Plume, you can also check out his artwork here they are available for purchase from his site**

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Cairns, Far North Queensland

Come and explore the Cairns region with us… As we are based in Cairns and our tours run from Cairns, we have a fairly extensive range covering this area from reviews on different companies, blogs on different areas within Cairns, things to do, and events coming up – there really is something for everyone!

Western Australia

Come and explore Western Australia with our blogger photographer Scott Plume. Western Australia is a true Aussie beaut’ for those that seek a path less followed, away from the hustle and bustle, and what Aussies call “The True Australia”


The East Coast of Australia

Nothing beats the good ol’ popular roadie up or down the East Coast, and read about the must stop places right here, and ways to travel the coast!


Northern Territory 

Are you are dare devil?? Maybe you have always wanted to jump into a croc enclosure… Well here is your chance. 


South of Australia

Walk through the vintage style city of Melbourne, check out the Queen Victorian Markets like a local… Do the Great Ocean Road and end up in the beautiful city of churches and beaches, otherwise known as Adelaide. 

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#2 out of 141 Outdoor Activities in Cairns