Western Australia!

Discover the best parts of Western Australia, GREAT 4WD routes to take, must do things in Western Australia and the must see destinations whilst you’re there!

Hey everyone thanks for reading, my names Scott and I’m here to tell you all about my country, Australia.

So, I’ve been traveling the world for about 6 years now and I reckon there’s no place I’ve been yet with as much potential for adventure as Australia. It’s got everything. I suppose I’m a bit biased because I grew up here, living on the west coast but I’m sure if you get out there you’ll start to see what I mean.

The West Coast of Australia is beautiful, as is the east coast but here on the west we don’t have the crowds, there’s a lot of great places still undiscovered by the masses so for those looking to get off the beaten track a west coast road trip is for you!

I say road trip because in my mind that’s the only way to see Australia, so get four or so of your mates together, pick yourselves up a 4WD and some camping gear and hit the road!!!

If excitement hasn’t taken over and you’re still reading I’ve put some helpful advice down below to help you prepare for your Aussie Road Trip. 

Scott Plume - Western Australia (Barefoot Tours)

My style trip:

Length: 21 days +
Trans: 4wd
People: 2-4 people
Budget pp: $1200AUD~
Accom: budget
Fitness: 5-9/10 Very fit

Locations I talk about

  • Perth
  • Broome, Cape Leveque and Derby
  • Mitchel falls
  • Ningaloo Reef
  • Shark Bay
  • Steep Point
  • The Bungle Bungles
  • The Gibb River Road
  • Winjana Gorge and Tunnel creek
  • and plenty more!


Chances are you’ll end up starting in Perth if you’re planning on doing a west coast road trip. This is a great place to get organized, get your crew together, and get your transport. Where you go next is up to you, there’s a lot to consider such as time, budget and interests but one of the main factors a lot of travellers I talk to forget about is the seasons and weather…

Weather: This is all just my opinion but basically if its summer you want to head south, winter you want to head north. In the south there are beautiful forests and beaches, some of the best in the world but contrary to popular belief Australia does have a winter and it does get cold and rainy. Nobody wants to be at the beach in the rain, the best window of time to visit Perth and anywhere south of there is going to be December, January, February. North of Perth you have a larger area to cover and this can be done basically all year round because weather is great, it does get pretty hot in the summer months though, and weeks of temperatures over 40 degrees are normal.

In the far north in the Kimberley region the seasons are a little bit different, there’s wet and dry. Dry season lasts most of the year with November and December getting extremely hot just before the rain comes, this is called the build-up and can drive people a little bit troppo. December, January and February make up the wet season, it’s still hot but there are lots of big thunderstorms and rain, this means all the waterfalls and rivers start flowing, everything turns green and this is really the most amazing time to be up there although access to a lot of the best places is limited at this time.

Doing a road trip can be a lot of fun but as with all good adventures there’s plenty of opportunity for challenge to rise along the way. For me it’s very important to be traveling with the right people, this can make or break your roady. Try find people with similar interests, traveling style and budgets. If you’re looking for travel mates try checking local hostels or leaving a note on their notice boards, there’s also Facebook groups such as “Australian ride share” and “Australian backpackers”. Gumtree is another great website that can help you find travel mates and is also a great place to look for a second-hand car, same as local noticeboards.

Good luck guys, now you can check out the rest of the blog to find out more. I’m always up for a chat too so if you have any questions or would like to share some of your experiences and you can get in touch with me via the link below, cheers. And now, as an old mate of mine Russell used to say “it’s time to hit the road”

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