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Behana Gorge Canyoning Adventure

with Behana Canyoning, Experience Co

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If you are looking for something to do on your arrival or departure day then Behana Canyoning is a great adventure to experience! A morning or afternoon tour full of Jumps, slides, abseiling, swimming, climbing and exploring at the magnifcent Behana Gorge.

No prior abseiling experience required. Their qualified and experienced guides provide the utmost professionalism to ensure your safety whilst giving you a dose of crazy, fun adventure.

Experience Co pick you up and drop you off from your accomodation in the Cairns City Area. Easy! Only a 45 minute drive from Cairns until we reach Behana Gorge. Once you get to the gorge and soak in the beautiful sights, they’ll instruct each of you on abseiling techniques.

A guide will be with you the entire time to make sure everything is safe. We start at the top of the gorge where all the best waterfalls are located and then we canyon our way down the gorge by abseiling, cliff jumping, sliding and swimming.

Hungry yet? They’ll provide a snack lunch and why not chill out for a while and enjoy this beautiful area that nature provides us. After this, we’ll head back to Cairns and drop you at your accommodation