Tablelands is full of wildlife and nature at it’s best….

​Here in the Tablelands we have Tropical Savannah, Wetlands, and red dirt roads. You can find volcanic crater lakes, gorgeous waterfalls, stunning lookouts over the World Heritage Rainforest or overlooking the farmlands. We absolutely love this hidden gem as there is so much to do here, and as a local it definately keeps our weekends busy with camping, hiking, mountain biking or waterfalls hoping.

If you love birds, emus, platypus, butterflies, glowworms, insects, (even bats!) or want the chance to spot tree kangaroos or cassowaries or try milking a cow, horse back riding, whatever it is Tablelands area has some brilliant wildlife spotting specialists or if you know where to go, your comfortable driving in Australia then it is easy enough to do yourself with google maps or something (also easy to get lost).

​Accommodation in the Tablelands area ranges from Outback Cattle Stations, to luxurious romantic escapes, family friendly clean simple accommodation, camping, glamping on conservation birding grounds, private houses for short term rental or true Australian style you can stay in the hotel above a pub.

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No matter where you book, please remember to consider choosing places that work for the benefit of the environment, one that protects & educates about the beauties of the rainforest.

My amazing friend/ex co-worker Scott Plume has taken most of the photos.
Check his website, Insta, or Facebook out – he’s a nature based photographer & a damm good one at that!