Tablelands is full of wildlife and nature at it’s best….

​Here in the Tablelands we have Tropical Savannah, Wetlands, and red dirt roads. You can find volcanic crater lakes, gorgeous waterfalls, stunning lookouts over the World Heritage Rainforest or overlooking the farmlands. We absolutely love this hidden gem as there is so much to do here, and as a local it definately keeps our weekends busy with camping, hiking, mountain biking or waterfalls hoping.

If you love birds, emus, platypus, butterflies, glowworms, insects, (even bats!) or want the chance to spot tree kangaroos or cassowaries or try milking a cow, horse back riding, whatever it is Tablelands area has some brilliant wildlife spotting specialists or if you know where to go, your comfortable driving in Australia then it is easy enough to do yourself with google maps or something (also easy to get lost).

​Accommodation in the Tablelands area ranges from Outback Cattle Stations, to luxurious romantic escapes, family friendly clean simple accommodation, camping, glamping on conservation birding grounds, private houses for short term rental or true Australian style you can stay in the hotel above a pub.

Tell me more about:

  • Chevron down Waterfalls & Crater Lakes Day Tours
  • Waterfalls & Crater Lakes Day Tours:

    There is 5 main companies that head up to the Atherton Tablelands on a day tour…

    Mainly catering to the youth or adventure market,  they also become great for those families travelling with teenagers too… anyone who wants an active day tour rather than a standard “site seeing” tour.

    Most companies have a set itinerary (except us), they also have options with or without lunch for those on a budget and some offer overnight stays as well.

    When finding a company that suits you, we suggest to think about what is important to you. Do you want to go to as many stops as possible? Do you prefer to chill out a bit more? Which places are a must do for you? (Josephine falls, Millaa Millaa falls, Dinner falls, Lake Eacham etc) Or are you after a cheap and cheerful tour with the basics? What’s there feedback like? These are a few pointers to start you off, there are many great tour operators out there all with unique differences so do a bit of research to find out what is most valueable for you… We can brag and brag about our tours all day and why you should book with us, but we’d like you to choose that for yourselves 🙂

  • Chevron down Paronella Park Tours
  • Paronella Park:

    Paronella Park is a dreamers destination, sold on the story of love Jose had for his wife…

    A beautiful story about a husband and wife whom lived in a castle they built, surrounded by tropical lush vegetation and waterfalls and wildlife. How they made power, how they lived their lives, their parties, their social gatherings and finally how they grew into a family and eventually the lives of those that followed.

    Few companies do day tours here, it’s also an easy self drive and options to stay overnight are also welcome by the park.

  • Chevron down Camping & Hiking
  • Camping & Hiking:

    Tablelands boast of many waterholes, mountains to climb, bike tracks to follow, 4wd, Quad biking tours and more.

    Camping grounds do need to be prebooked through Queensland National Parks, as they have rangers on a daily basis to check on the areas & keep it safe for all who roam it.

    It is definately do-able, pick a destination and do a bit of research on things like weather at that time of the year, first aid safety for remote places, maybe some snake bite prevention guards or things to be aware of. Each location can be quite unique to the surrounding wildlife, hazzards etc so definately make sure you are prepared rather than just heading off… and let someone know where you are going and when they can expect to see or hear from you again.

  • Chevron down Overnight Stays & Self drives
  • Overnight Stays & Self-drives:

    Farley & I do many overnight stays in the Tablelands area. We usually look at airbnbs or glamping or cabins depending what tickles our fancy.

    Two nights is a good amount of time to start to indulge in nature, if you have more time up your sleeve than 3 nights is better but this all depends on what you want from your dream holiday.

    We head up here to unwind and relax, take a breather from technology, city life and go back to the basics… Sometimes we go for wildlife, other times we have gone to see a movie at the outdoor cinema and stayed a few extra nights.

    Self drives are easy to do for those use to driving Australian roads, Australian road rules and are confident/comfortable on the road. Take a means of a map with you as it is easy to get lost or take a wrong turn or road, which can waste valuable time.


  • Chevron down Farms (Wine, Coffee, Diary, Fruit, Tea)
  • Farmland:


  • Chevron down Private Charters for upto 8 people
  • Private Charters for upto 37 people:

    We like to do our private charters in our 20 seater buses as we know they are good quality, however it is also possible to hire out bigger vehicles with local drivers as well and customise a full day tour to your standards. Contact us for further info!

No matter where you book, please remember to consider choosing places that work for the benefit of the environment, one that protects & educates about the beauties of the rainforest.

My amazing friend/ex co-worker Scott Plume has taken most of the photos.
Check his website, Insta, or Facebook out – he’s a nature based photographer & a damm good one at that!