Cairns is the starting point of most planned tours here in this region.

It’s central, fairly easy to get around, all your basic needs like supermarkets, pharmacies, medical centers, hospitals, bus transportation, accommodation, tours, shopping, markets, eat outs, lagoon, they are all-mainly in walking distance from each other.​

Cairns is a narrow coastal strip between the Great Dividing range, and the Coral sea up to 1687 km2 in size. It’s population has been on a steady rise for the last 10 years, and is currently home to more than 160,000 people.

The outback, the reef, and the rainforest, are all at your fingertips, with an easy 1-3 hours drive/boat ride from Cairns. Almost all tours start from either Cairns or Port Douglas, or you can hire a car and try a self drive. Whilst Cairns city is a great place to base yourselves at, we recommend exploring further, and possibly do a few over night trips if time permits.

We work with tour operators that support the Cairns Region, strive for Eco-friendly excursions / Sustainable Tourism.

Have you been to Cairns if you haven't done these things?

  • Chevron down 1. Cairns Esplanade, BBQ dinner, swim at the Lagoon
  • Cairns Lagoon & Esplanade:

    So many things to do in Cairns and one of the main hangouts is the Cairns Esplanade… No matter your age or what your into, there is plenty of variety down the Esplanade.

    Whether it’s a free Zumba class, volleyball, a stroll down the ‘nard, swim at the lagoon, or a BBQ with mates… Oh we can’t leave out the weekend markets, live music and nearby eateries/drinkeries!


  • Chevron down 2. The Great Barrier Reef
  • The Great Barrier Reef:

    World Heritage and for a good reason! Did you know the Great Barrier Reef is one of the largest living organisms?

    ​Australia’s greatest gift to the world – the reef – is usually the first thing people want to see and experience and there are so many things to see and do you might wonder where to start?

    How about a 45-minute heli flight to put the whole thing into perspective? Skim above the reef for breathlessly beautiful sights, over Baron Falls, and the timeless Daintree National Park spanning mountainous rainforest, stunning gorges and beaches.

    See the Reef by boat, scuba dive or if you’re a non-swimmer, there are many options including glass-bottom boat, semi-submersible submarine tours, helmet diving and more.

  • Chevron down 3. Daintree Rainforest & Cape Trib
  • The Daintree Rainforest & Cape Tribulation:

    Cairns is a popular tourist destination renowned as a central gateway to two popular World Heritage areas, The Great Barrier Reef, and The Daintree Rainforest.

    Take a 2-3 hour drive north of Cairns and here is where you will get to experience this, with the gorgeous view from Alexandra lookout.

    Daintree is one of the lowest laying rainforests in the world, must much older than the Amazon Rainforest… It’s been around since dinosaurs roamed the Earth!

  • Chevron down 4. The Atherton Tablelands
  • The Atherton Tablelands:

    Tablelands is full of wildlife and nature at it’s best….

    Here in the Tablelands we have Tropical Savannah, Wetlands, and red dirt roads.

    If you love birds, emus, platypus, butterflies, glowworms, insects, (even bats!) or want the chance to spot tree kangaroos or cassowaries or try milking a cow, horse back riding, whatever it is Tablelands area has some brilliant wildlife spotting specialists or if you know where to go,  you could tempt it by yourself!


    Some people choose the Tablelands for its history, coffee, distilleries, local markets, lake walks, mountain bike tracks, dirt bike riding (quad), cultural experiences, whilst others like myself want to tick an Outdoor cinema off the bucket list or simply chase waterfalls and adventure for the day!

  • Chevron down 5. Kuranda Mountain Village
  • Kuranda in a day:

    A really popular activity around Cairns is to ride the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway up to the rainforest town of Kuranda Mountain Village. This incredible place is like an exciting hippie market town, with butterfly gardens, venom zoos, koala zoos, and also some fantastic eateries with amazing food. Glide 7.5km over pristine rainforest and see the breathtaking views out to Cairns and the Tableland Valley. From Kuranda hop on the Scenic Railway back down as it winds over the McDonald ranges to Cairns for an hour and 45 minutes. The historic railway was built in 1891 with dynamite and hand tools and has  93 curves and 15 tunnels.

  • Chevron down 6. The Cairns Island Experience
  • The Cairns Islands Experience :

    Fitzroy Island, Franklin Islands, Green Island, Double Island…  Take a boat out to one of these beauties and indulge the island life!

  • Chevron down 7. Mission Beach - aka Paradise!
  • The Quaint Town of Mission Beach:

    A beachy town, with the beachy holiday vibe, amazing views out to all the islands, the rainforest, the reef, a flop and drop must do destination!

No matter where you book, please remember to consider choosing a operator that works for the benefit of the environment, one that protects & educates about the beauties of the Reef, the Rainforest, the Wildlife.

My amazing friend/ex co-worker Scott Plume has taken most of the photos.
Check his website, Insta, or Facebook out – he’s a nature based photographer & a damm good one at that!