Cairns is the starting point of most planned tours here in this region.

It’s central, fairly easy to get around, all your basic needs like supermarkets, pharmacies, medical centers, hospitals, bus transportation, accommodation, tours, shopping, markets, eat outs, lagoon, they are all-mainly in walking distance from each other.​

Cairns is a narrow coastal strip between the Great Dividing range, and the Coral sea up to 1687 km2 in size. It’s population has been on a steady rise for the last 10 years, and is currently home to more than 160,000 people.

The outback, the reef, and the rainforest, are all at your fingertips, with an easy 1-3 hours drive/boat ride from Cairns. Almost all tours start from either Cairns or Port Douglas, or you can hire a car and try a self drive. Whilst Cairns city is a great place to base yourselves at, we recommend exploring further, and possibly do a few over night trips if time permits.

We work with tour operators that support the Cairns Region, strive for Eco-friendly excursions / Sustainable Tourism.

Have you been to Cairns if you haven't done these things?

No matter where you book, please remember to consider choosing a operator that works for the benefit of the environment, one that protects & educates about the beauties of the Reef, the Rainforest, the Wildlife.

My amazing friend/ex co-worker Scott Plume has taken most of the photos.
Check his website, Insta, or Facebook out – he’s a nature based photographer & a damm good one at that!